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Tax refund from Sweden

If during the past 5 years you have been employed in Sweden and have paid taxes in this country, you can recover the overpayment of income taxes.

1. Use the calculator to find out the refundable amount.

2. Fill in the registration form and attach required documents to begin the process of tax refund.

3. Completed registration form and required documents should be sent by registered mail to this address:

“Tax Back Solution”

Vytauto ave. 27-405

Kaunas LT-44352


OR You can come to the nearest representative office.

4. As soon as the documents are received, You will be informed about it and then the tax refund process will be started.

5. Swedish tax authority (“Skatteverket“) will transfer the tax refund directly to Your bank account.

6. After You receive the tax refund, you must contact the company “Tax Back Solution” and pay the service fee.

  • The copy of Your passport / ID.

Documents about Your income:

  • Swedish ID (“Person-/Organisationsnummer”);
  • “Specification till Inkomstadeklaration 1” (original);
  • “Preliminar skattentrakning till inkomstadeklaration 1” (original);
  • “Inkomstadeklaration 1” (original);
  • the last payslips from all employments;
  • bank account confirmation with bank employee stamp (original).

If You do not have all required documents, do not worry. Please, do not hesitate and contact us, we will be happy to help. We can get the required documents by ourselves but additional fee* is applied.

It takes about 3 to 4 months after You provide the information to “Tax Back Solution”.


NOTE: the duration of the process mentioned above is indicative, i. e. it is the most common period in practice. It may not be the same to Your situation because it depends on work rate of foreign institutions and Your provided documents. Every case is unique.

10 % from the overpayment but not less than 45 EUR for every tax year.

* Additional fee – 15 EUR for every document.

20% discount for students who have a valid student ID.

No tax refund – no service fee.

You pay for service only if the process is successful. There is no prepayment fee.


If you want a refund for free, you can find more information about free tax refunds on the official website of the tax inspectorate:

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