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Who can expect the tax refund?

People who have worked and paid taxes (or is still working and paying taxes) in Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Finland and paid income taxes in that country.


How can i find out the refundable amount?

The refundable amount depends on the period and the country You have worked in, amounts of Your income and tax paid. You can use the calculator to find out the approximate refundable amount.


For which period can I expect my tax refund?

It depends on the country, i. e. You can get Your tax refund from Great Britain and Sweden for previous 5 years, from Ireland, Finland and Germany for previous 4 years, from Norway for previous 3 years.


How can I apply for tax refund?

There are two ways You can apply for tax refund. You can send the registration form by registered mail (address: “Tax Back Solution”, Vytauto ave. 27–324, Kaunas, LT-44352, Lithuania) or You can arrive to the nearest representative office. Working hours and a list of representative offices You can find here.


What should I do if I do not have all required documents?

Contact us, we will help You to get them or we can get them by ourselves for the additional fee.


Are Your consultations free?

Yes, all consultations are FREE. You can call us +370 37 211938 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


What is service fee for?

Service fee includes: filling in the applications, sending documents to the tax authorities, monitoring the process, translating the letters, providing the information to clients, continuous communication with the tax authorities, filing a complaint for inappropriate decisions foreign tax authorities have made.


Do I need to pay service fee in advance?

No, You pay service fee after You have received Your tax refund. There is no advance service fees.


Are there any discounts?

There is a 20% discount for students who have a valid student ID.


How long does the process take?

It depends on the country, i. e. it may vary from 45 days up to a year. However, the term of Your case may be different. It depends on Your provided documents and on work rate of foreign tax authority or other foreign institution.


Does German institution pay child benefit, if a child (children) lives in Lithuania?

Yes. If Your family lives in Lithuania and one of the parents works in Germany, child benefit is granted under EU regulations. Since You start working in Germany officially, You acquire the right to receive child benefit. Child benefit is granted for the period You get income in Germany. If the child benefit is granted in Lithuania or in any other EU country, German institution pays the difference.


Child benefit (“Kindergeld”) in Germany






For the first and second child

188 EUR 

190 EUR 

192 EUR

194 EUR

For the third child 

194 EUR

196 EUR

198 EUR

200 EUR

For the fourth child 

219 EUR 

221 EUR

223 EUR

225 EUR


How are the preliminary declarations called in Norway?

The preliminary declaration is named either “Skattemelding” or “Tax Return Income and Wealth Tax”. This document is issued by Norwegian Tax Administration.

Annual tax report, received from employer, is now called “Lønnsoppgave”, “A-melding Oppsummering”, etc. Previously it has been named “Lønns og trekkopgave”.


What is child care benefit (“Kontantstøtte”) in Norway?

“Kontantstøtte” is a child benefit which can be granted to 13-23 months old children, if they go to the kindergarten and stay there no longer than 20 hours per week or to the children who do not go to kindergarten at all.

Child care benefit can be granted for the previous 3 months. You can receive this benefit, if one of the parents works in Norway but family lives in Lithuania. Child care benefit is 7 500 NOK per month.


What to do if i was working in Norway and i have health insurance debt in my Homecountry ?

The debt can be cancelled after reporting „Skatteoppgjor“/“Tax Assessment“ documents (to responsible authority in Your Homecountry) for those years which You have health insurance debt for.

If You do not have „Skatteoppgjor“/“Tax Assessment“ documents – we can order them from Norwegian Tax Administration and share documents with You. Service fee – 300 NOK.

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